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Payment method

The company's global protective products: masks, full body protective clothing, protective shoe covers, gloves, thermometers, disposable alcohol disinfection, etc.
In order to facilitate the purchase around the world, we launched the use of digital currency payment: bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), bitcash(BCH), EOS,BSV,LTC,ETC,XRP,DASH,Zcash(ZEC).
Contact email: ebey2019@hotmail.com
Delivery modeDHL,USP,TNT,Fedex,EMS,Or according to your requirements.
Date of delivery: 15 to 20 days
Payment method: digital currency,Paypal,Westem Union
Preferential discount for digital currency payment is 5% and the original price is 95%.
Supporting digital currency payments:
(BTC) Recharge address:   1DCSqsz5B1CETx27EK3MkYSPRXgHitP67s
(ETH) Recharge address:   0x1d407Be09AdA7d19e328C70d714589c35b6c14Ed
(BCH) Recharge address:   1DCSqsz5B1CETx27EK3MkYSPRXgHitP67s
(BSV) Recharge address:   1HAaUr1j4EzYZXKjo5p4EhbXuXHTpCm1TR
(EOS) Recharge address:  gateiowallet  , And designate Memo: 001492fbfcc0d004
(Be sure to specify Memo, Otherwise, the account cannot be recorded.)
(XRP) Recharge address:  rHcFoo6a9qT5NHiVn1THQRhsEGcxtYCV4d   ,
And designate Tag:  345177025 , (Be sure to specify Tag, Otherwise, the account
cannot be recorded.)
(ETC) Recharge address:  0x1d407Be09AdA7d19e328C70d714589c35b6c14Ed
(LTC) Recharge address:  LXRQ76HuFfSHikiGQT2f2ZW9dk3ZttCoXB
(ZEC) Recharge address:  t1W53rDQD9Kyq4b51AjrUtMYJgBsNW5GMxM
(GOGE) Recharge address:  DHLYP8viUR6WzxChxu2vJJbzJfQb4r1Qut
(DASH) Recharge address:  XntHg8dy8iQpctch6CMac58BFsFyjhDoqG

WhatsAPP:13656015650   FACEBOOK:17359415893
Website:www.ebey.net.cn   Email:ebey2019@hotmail.com