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Payment method


Payment method: BTC(Bitcoin), LTC(Litecoin), BCH(Bitcoin Cash), USDT(omni) and ETH(Ethereum) are accepted in this batch.
Payment:The price of the product is priced in US dollars, and the payment method is the digital currency price on the day of conversion.
In order to facilitate the purchase around the world, we launched the use of digital currency payment: BTC(Bitcoin), LTC(Litecoin), BCH(Bitcoin Cash), USDT(omni) ETH(Ethereum)

(BTC) Recharge address:   1Joco1h6kZz9vJ7t982nQJWZAGdH6zhfpn
(ETH) Recharge address:  0xfc14b9c40dde96840d28f57c2e11a4a88ee1193f
(BCH) Recharge address:   1K8VFVhFgFVc3CiJv6hHX5wjeHDpuzQmYj
(LTC) Recharge address:   Li8z64bUh39C6mhtKkBarSkPoxHUdqNiZj
(USDT) Recharge address:  1DjyeLkxmLfA51DhpmsdZ6xgkrdDGhxmh6

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